Questions about our classes, the membership, the booking experience or anything else? We got you.
How far out can I book a class at FitHouse?
How do I book a class at FitHouse?
Do I need an account to book a class at FitHouse?
How do I find my referral code? And who can I share it with?
How can I cancel my membership?
Do you have a corporate offer?
How do I sign up for a class?
Can I try FitHouse before becoming a member?
How is FitHouse different than other gym memberships?
Do you offer a monthly membership?
Do you offer the option to purchase single classes or class packs?
How can I refer a friend? Family member? Co worker? Are there perks to doing this?
How old do you need to be to workout at FitHouse?
Do you offer private classes for groups, special or corporate events?
What do I wear?
Is there any intro class?
What if I can’t keep up?
It’s my first time working out, what should I know?
What classes are offered at FitHouse? What are they like?