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Plie. Hold. Repeat.
Strengthen and sculpt like a dancer. Expect a continuously paced mix of barre, pilates, body weight training, and cardio bursts in this beat driven barre class. Featuring barre, light weights, resistance bands, and more this class is created to strengthen and tone your entire physique while boosting body awareness, balance, flexibility, and stamina.

Socks or barefoot




Jump. Balance. Reach new heights.
Spend class bouncing on a Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline for a high-cardio, high-adrenaline, low-impact class. Trampoline work that takes the Fithouse cardio experience to new heights, and trampoline-based muscle sculpting further challenges strength and balance.

Sneakers required


Move. Shake. Ultimate dance cardio.
This total body workout will have your heart racing and body moving through a superset dance combination while intermittently incorporating toning moves from our other signature classes.

Sneakers required



Cardio. Strength. Efficiency at it’s finest. Move through fun and challenging full-body circuits for an intense workout and epic sweat sesh.

Sneakers Required



Pull. Push. Tone from head to toe.
A total body conditioning class consisting of little to no impact. The workout includes the use of props such as resistance bands, hand weights and Fithouse skimmers to target each muscle group, sculpting a lean, long figure from head to toe.

Sneakers required



Slip. Hook. Squat.
Train like a champion in a program developed by one. This 50 minute boxing-based circuit combines strength with stamina using teardrop heavy bags, footwork ladder drills, kettlebells, and more! Get ready for a challenging class guaranteed to test your limits, boost your endorphins, increase your speed, coordination, and strength.


Please arrive 15 mins early for this class. If you have your own gloves and wraps, please bring them. If not, no worries – we’ve got you covered at the studio! Wraps are sold for $10 and gloves can be rented for $2. All levels of fitness are welcome.


Sneakers Required


Pose. Push. Turn it up.
Sweaty and invigorating. Uses lightweights in yoga flows with circuits of strength and conditioning. Burst of cardio at the end followed by a juicy cool down. Our most challenging yoga class yet.




Chill. Candle-lit. Cool down vibes.
Meant to stretch and open your whole body, starting with active flexibility and gentle flows, moving toward passive flexibility and longer holds. Perfect for working through any built up tension. Beginner friendly & highly recommended for all members.





Rise. Extend. Levitate.
Balance of energy and relaxation. Move quickly and intensely through a series of yoga flows to get your heart pumping. This music-based yoga practice will enable you to find your breath and focus your mind, while building strength and skills. Based on vinyasa yoga and tai chi principles.




Snatch. Stabilize. Strengthen your core. This interval based class will help you increase your kettlebell skills while also helping you build strength and target your core. In just 50 minutes you will perfect kettlebell flows all while stimulating your core.

Sneakers Required



HOUSEWORK, created by Sydney Miller, is a full-body sculpting workout set to the beat of electronic and house music.  This class combines rhythm-based mat Pilates with energizing strength and cardio circuits designed to take your flexibility, balance, and core strength to the next level. Using your own body weight, gliders, resistance bands, and most importantly, the energy of the music, you’ll leave class feeling stronger, sculpted, and drenched in sweat. HOUSEWORK at its core is about the music, the energy, and of course the squad who pushes each other start to finish.

Sneakers Required



Sculpt, sweat, and strength. Let the beat motivate you to deadlift, leg-lift, plank, and more in Ally’s sculpting and strengthening class. This signature total body workout combines compound exercises with micro-movements to get the most out of your BODY. Grab some dumbbells and resistance bands, throw in some cardio, and work your way to a stronger, leaner, and more powerful BODY. The best version of yourself is only 50 minutes away.

Sneakers Required