One Membership, Unlimited Classes, Multiple Studios

Experience FitHouse with a 14 days trial for $19

Unlimited classes

Say goodbye to boutique studio hopping and hello to unlimited classes at FitHouse locations all over NYC. From yoga to HIIT to pilates to dance, FitHouse has it all, under one (actually many) roofs.

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The best instructors in NYC

The FitHouse team is full of best-in-class instructors from top studios in the city.

Membership that values you.

Fit Club was founded by a fitness-obsessed team, tired of spending $35 per class. It’s time to get the variety you want from the instructors you adore, all for $99/month.

FitHouse at your fingertips

The FitHouse app allows you to easily book classes, browse the schedule, meet our instructors and manage your membership.